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Interaction with a person changes just one person, empowering through community benefits all.
Knowledge is meant to be shared and when you find a platform for it, everyone is in a win-win situation.


Being connected with diverse communities, I have had the advantage of being benefited both ways.

Global Lead

We provide a safe space for women to grow and evolve in the Industry.

Become a Member of a Foundation thriving to drive Global Leadership changes in CyberSecurity.



Volunteer Instructor

We help you to refurbish your career in cybersecurity by training to develop foundational skills or helping to transition in the field in a systematic way.
Our vision is to bridge the CyberSecurity skill gap with our mentorship and career connector program.


Global Member
Mentor, Mentee - Mentorship Program 2022
WiCyS COI - Vice President

At WiCyS, a global community of women, allies, and advocates, we are dedicated to bringing talented women together to celebrate and foster their passion and drive for cybersecurity.


Snyk Ambassador

Snyk Ambassadors are just as passionate about security as Snyk is - and they share their interest, expertise, and excitement within their communities to help other developers and engineers build secure software.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 220511.jpg

Ambassador and Advisor

Women in Cloud is a community-led economic development organization taking action to generate $1B in net new global economic access for women entrepreneurs by 2030 through partnerships with corporations, community leaders, and policy makers.



The purpose of the Women in AppSec (WIA), Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to develop leadership, promote active membership and participation, and contribute by women in application security professional communities, globally and locally.


Ex-New Delhi Chapter Lead

At Infosecgirls, our main objective is to get women curious about information security. We aim to do this by encouraging more women to actively participate in events like security conferences & community meet-ups.

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